It's Never Too Late to Start Something New

So late in the chilly month of December, I got thinking.... thinking about a friend of mine, who plays guitar and sings in her oh so beautiful voice (you know how most bongs are so freakin talented) and I was like, i hope my kid(whenever he or she comes into this world.. and of age) plays SOME musical instrument. It was at this moment that it occurred to me "What the heck. It's still not too late for me to do it myself!". That was then and this is now. I can now strum some good old songs on my guitar and conjure up some new ones too :) Well that said, I'm slowly arriving at how I got into blogging about food.

I come from a family of food crazy people. My mom cooks, my dad cooks, my dad's mom cooks, my dad's dad cooks (well he did..till he walked the earth), my uncles cook, my aunts cook, my sisters cook, most of my brothers cook... I cook... you get the point. It's hard not to cook and be a food lover in a family like mine. On an average, no conversation in my family goes without food or the mention of it for more than 7 minutes... I know! Honestly I'm no different. I love eating and I love cooking, I love reading about food and I love talking about food, I love scouring through online stores for cookware, bake ware, exotic sauces and herbs (Damn u Amazon for not shipping things to India for free) and I love wading through the narrow roads of Chawri Bazaar for tart pans and bundt pans (Thanks to 2 really awesome friends for making it as much fun but believe me I would not step in there for anything other than food) Food is the single most unwavering passion of my life (I've had my fair share of hard to keep track of hobbies) and I've often wished (whilst reading other's blogs) that I had one too and so, fuelled by my friends' and not so culinarily blessed relatives' constant request to share my mum's supremely delicious recipes and my own kitchen escapades (mind u, I'm an impatient and part lazy cook and have over time learnt to find my way around pitfalls - the recipe's and my own. You can have my husband's word on that; he's been my guinea pig for experimental cooking since our high school days), and my new found desire to go ahead with everything I want to do, here I am, writing my first ever post.

I'm almost certain I'm not going to have the energy or the inclination to post everyday. I operate in spurts... No, Seriously. It'll be one crazy week or month of baking/cooking and then break followed by more such weeks or months and breaks. Occasionally there would be hints of new found interests and hobbies. There most definitely would be footprints of my other passion - decorating (mostly DIY type and without spending big bucks) and plenty of talk of Snubby, my 11 year old dog, who having been raised in the same family as I, has quite the taste buds too.


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